Points and Prizes

Are you in it to win it?

The goal is to get as many points as you can for you and your school. Learn how to earn points and all the prizes up for grabs below. Plus, everyone who plays wins because you’re guaranteed able to learn something that’ll keep you—and your friends—safer behind the wheel.



  Prize DescriptionNumber of Prizes
Student First Prize $1,500 1
Student Second Prize $500 1
Student Third Prize $100 Amazon.com Gift Card
School First Prize  $10,000 
School Second Prize $5,000 1
School Third Prize $1,000 1
School Best Video $1,000 1

How to earn points

Shift provides participants a chance to earn points—from watching videos, to pledging to be a safer driver and sharing it all with your friends.


Points Table

ActivityPoints EarnedAdditional Points Earned for Posting on FacebookAdditional Points Earned for Sharing on Twitter
Sign Up for Shift 275 275 275
Take the pledge 100 50 50
Submit a safe driving video* 750 250 250
Watch Keep It Safe videos 50 -- --
Post Face the Facts page to your Facebook wall or share on Twitter -- 75 75
Post Spread the Word page to your Facebook wall or share on Twitter -- 75 75
Complete Contest Challenges** 0 - 250 *** 55-115 55-115
Refer eligible student(s) who sign up through referral link 500 (initial referral)
250 (each subsequent referral)
-- --


*Safe Driving Videos must be original to the person submitting the video.

**Contest Challenges will be available starting every Monday during the Contest Period, beginning August 29, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. (ET). All Contest Challenges will remain open until the end of the Contest Period. Each Contest Challenge may be posted once on Facebook and once on Twitter to earn points according to the table below.

***Points earned for Challenges 1 and 8 are calculated pursuant to the table below.

Point values for Contest Challenges are as follows:

Contest Challenges

  Completing ChallengePoints Earned for Posting on FacebookPoints Earned for Posting on Twitter
Challenge 1 250  125 125
Challenge 2   55 55
Challenge 3   65 65
Challenge 4   75 75
Challenge 5   85 85
Challenge 6   95 95
Challenge 7   105 105
Challenge 8 0 - 250 ** 115 115

** Points awarded on the following schedule; 0 points if Entrant did not answer all questions in quiz, 115 points if Entrant completed quiz; 150 points if Entrant completed quiz answering 80% of questions correctly; 200 points if Entrant completed quiz answering 90% of questions correctly; 250 points if Entrant completed quiz answering 100% of questions correctly.

How the winning school is determined

Determining a school's score is fairly straightforward. A school must have a minimum of 20 eligible students participating to be eligible for prizes. One first prize is awarded to the school with the highest score calculated by adding the scores of all the Entrants from the school. The school receiving the second highest score will receive the School Second Prize and the school receiving the next highest score will receive the School Third Prize.

For detailed information on how we determine school score, please see our explanation of scoring in the Official Rules.